Transfers from other registrars

.al domains can be transferred through an authorization code (also known as an EPP code, AUTH Code or transfer key). This code can be obtained by your current registrar. If your registrar happens to be AKEP, the registry, the code can be received after you have requested it from the email on the owner (registrar) contact of your domain.

Transfers within Host.al

If the transfer happens within the Host.al domains (transferr from a client to another), the owner of the domain should open a ticket asking for a Push-Request. In the trouble ticket the domain name and the email of the new owner should be mentioned. The email account serves as an identifier for the new owners’ account.

Transfer Period

Once the AUTH-Code (or also known as EPP Code) is provided, the transfer will be done within a few moments.
If the transfer is internal, from one client of host.al to another client, than a ticket with the Push-Request should be opened. The ticket should mention a change of ownership with a push-request for the domain.

Transfer Order!?

If you are ready to proceed with a transfer order, please click here to be forwarded to the.al transferform.